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Airfield guidance signs        

The LED illuminated guidance sign TAGS (TAGS=TWOY airfield guidance sign) is the result of new planning. The product meets the ICAO ANNEX 14 Section 5.4, and is weatherproof, compact and steady. LED technology facilitates low energy consumption and a long life cycle, as well as longer than normal service intervals due to its linear power supply. The technology is located within the sign frame.

The standard heights of the signs are 600mm and 800mm when the standard lengths are 1-3m.  We can also manufacture longer signs.

The signs can be directly connected to a 6.6A series circuit. Alternatively, a setup with variable light intensity is possible and it is possible to maintain an almost stable light intensity despite changes in the circuit.

In addition we also manufacture signs using 230V. 

Modernisation of signs


We also convert old halogen signs into modern LED lighting using the technology we have designed.

Portable airfield lighting

Twoy is designing an LED lighting, which is able to generate white, green, blue and red light. The lighting uses either 6V dry batteries or rechargeable batteries (the latter one being developed).  The lighting is made of corrosion resistant materials so that we can guarantee a long life cycle for the product.

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