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Boarding and loading bridges for ports


We design and supply bridges to be used for various purposes in ports. Our core competence is in boarding bridges that move hydraulically between deck levels according to the ship’s requirements.  The operating height of the bridges we design varies from a few meters up to twenty meters. We supply the bridges as blueprint or as ready-to-use equipment.

In recent years, Twoy have supplied almost all of the new concept designs for boarding bridges at the Port of Helsinki. Our latest design was a boarding bridge moving vertically on tracks up to 14 and 17 metres. In the design, the special features concerning LNG fuelling were considered. 

Twoy are also involved in maintenance and inspection services at the Port of Helsinki. In addition, we have designed and installed safety nets under the passenger boarding bridges.

​Twoy also supervise bridge installations, and service, repair and modernize bridges in accordance with the required security and product standards. 

Also an old bridge can be good by means of inspection and modernization.

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