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ICAO ANNEX 14 Volume I

  • Aerodrome design manual part 4&6

  • IEC61827

Product information:

  • Power painted aluminium frame

  • Standard colour RAL 1021, Front edge black.

  • Easy access to power supply through the maintenance lid.

  • Easy installation

  • The front panel can be switched when on the field

  • Integral installation groove in the frame

  • Front panel made of UV stabilised polycarbonate

  • Texts on the inside of front panel

  • Product description:

  • All metal parts of aluminium or stainless steel

  • 4mm polycarbonate front panel installed on custom made aluminium list against sign frame seal.

  • Protection class IP55/67

  • Marking material placed on the inside of the front panel

  • Sealed by gaskets.

  • Condensation drain holes underneath the sign at both ends




  • Instructional sign – white text on red background

  • Informative sign – black text on yellow background

  • Other types of signs also available


LED light source:


  • Small energy consumption

  • Modular light source

  • Linear burden (suitable for constant current regulators)

  • Long lifecycle

  • Normally requires no maintenance

  • Steady light force


Feeding circuits: 

1a: Series circuit 6.6A variable current – variable intensity

1b: Series circuit 6.6A variable current – almost regular intensity


2a: 230V normal line feeding (also 120V on request)

2b: 12V/24V/48V SELV (state requested current when placing order) 


Technical details:
  • Markings in accordance with ICAO Annex 14.

  • Wind load: 240 km/h (ICAO) and 90 m/s (FAA).

  • Height of sign including mounting post max. 1100 mm.

  • Installation on, for example, concrete foundation.

  • Operating temperature range: -40 +70

  • Storage temperature range: -60 +80

  • Weight: ~25kg/m

  • Power factor: ~0,95 (Normal value 1a 


Lighting values:


ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 ( b) and c) and

Typical values: 

Average luminance for yellow colour: 

>150 cd/m2 

> 400cd/m2

Average luminance for red colour: 

>30 cd/m2

>50 cd/m2

Average luminance for white colour: 

>300 cd/m2

> 500cd/m2

Highest ratio to adjacent measuring point:

 < 1.5

< 1.1

Highest ratio to the whole sign:

< 5.0

< 1.25

CIE xy color space, Twoy TAGS easily meet ICAO, Annex 14 Aerodromes Volume 1, July 2016 requirements. 

Twoy kyltti mitat.jpg


Standard front panel measurements (visible part)mm/ (external dimensions) mm:


TAGS 600x500 / (681x570)

TAGS 600x1000 / (681x1070)

TAGS 600x1500 / (681x1579)

TAGS 600x2000 / (681x2088)

TAGS 600x2500 / (681x2597)

TAGS 600x3000 / (681x3106) 


TAGS 800x500 / (881x570)

TAGS 800x1000 / (881x1070)

TAGS 800x1500 / (881x1579)

TAGS 800x2000 / (881x2088)

TAGS 800x2500 / (881x2597)

TAGS 800x3000 / (881x3106)

Ordering instructions:


​The code above can be used together with the text and the information on the type of circuit. The text and type of circuit is also sufficient, in which case Twoy determines the length. Please also let us know the height of the mounting poles measured from the base of the mounting foundation, and where you wish the feeding cable to be connected.

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