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LED Portable Airfield light
Low intensity portable omnidirectional

TWOY portable airfield light (LIPO -1) is a dual colour and multifunctional omnidirectional battery-operated portable airfield light. Default colours are blue and red. On request there is possibility for other colours, different intensity levels as well as blinking option. Long operation time with photocell is included as default. 

Main advantages: 

• Reliable, robust case. 

• Long operationaltime/battery life time. 

• Photocell control

• Correspeondence with many fixed lights

• Optional chargeable battery option (coming)

• Up to 4 different colours (red and blue as default)

• Bi-directional on request

• Non-brittle material (down to -50oC)

• Frame default colour yellow

• Firm handle

• Dome made of UV resistance polycarbonate

• possibility for3 different intensity options on request

• Protection class: IP57


• ICAO ANNEX 14 Volume I

• Aerodrome design manual

LED light source:


• Programmable multicolour LED

• Low power consumption

• Stable light outcome

• Long lifetime of light source

• Normally maintenance free

Technical details:


Battery life:

Full brightness 300h

With photocell: 25 Days

Dimmed mode 1000h

Dimmed mode with photocell: 3months. 

On request:


Different colours

Different intensities

Different blinking modes


Note: Due to dual colour solution or RGB multi-chip solution there is certain variation light out-come in horizontal angles.

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